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[SND]17 - Treble Choir - The Storm is Passing Over.mp35.8M
[SND]16 - Treble Choir - Can't Help Loving that Man of Mine (Gershwin).mp33.6M
[SND]15 - Treble Choir - Oh Shenandoah.mp33.4M
[SND]14 - Treble Choir - Who Can Sail.mp33.0M
[SND]13 - Treble Choir - Kyrie Eleison (Haydn).mp32.0M
[SND]12 - Treble Choir - Lift Thine Eyes (Mendelssohn).mp32.4M
[SND]11 - Mixed Choir - Battle Hymn of the Republic (arr Willousky).mp36.3M
[SND]10 - Mixed Choir - Nia.mp34.9M
[SND]09 - Mixed Choir - Russian Picnic (Harvey Enders).mp33.5M
[SND]08 - Mixed Choir - Oh My Loves like a red, red rose (Clausen).mp33.6M
[SND]07 - Mixed Choir - Away from the Roll of the Sea (MacGillivray).mp33.4M
[SND]06 - Mixed Choir - Cry Out and Shout (Knut Nystedt).mp31.5M
[SND]05 - Middle School Choir - I Am Waiting for the Light to Shine.mp32.4M
[SND]04 - Middle School Choir - I was in deepest Africa.mp32.4M
[SND]03 - Middle School Choir - The Cruel War.mp32.9M
[SND]02 - Middle School Choir - Sabbath Prayer.mp32.1M
[SND]01 - Middle School Choir - Jubilate Deo.mp32.9M

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